Current spooky season processing time 2-4 weeks

Custom Orders


Customs are open on a case by case basis depending on how many orders I'm working to fulfill.

Machine Embroidered Customs

The process:

- Reference pictures must be converted into an embroidery file, this price ranges from $10-25 depending on the complexity of the design and is determined by the digitizing expert I work with. This cost covers his half of the labor.

- Price of my embroidery service is based on material costs + how long the design takes to stitch. Designs with 7 or more colors will have a price increase.

- Turn around time is quoted based on if I have your apparel on hand or if it needs to be ordered

- Payment is required up front or 50/50 for bulk orders


Hand Embroidered Customs

The process:

- Hand stitched customs can take anywhere from 10-15+ hours and prices will reflect this

- Reference pictures will be drawn onto your apparel by me and sent for approval before I begin stitching

- Payment is required after approving your outline